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Number of Americans claiming unemployment aid dips to 860,000

Number of Americans claiming unemployment aid dips to 860,000

The US Labor Department said new claims for state unemployment benefits totaled 860,000 in the week ending September 12. This is a drop of 33,000 from the week prior. Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States, the number of Americans signing up for jobless aid had never exceeded 700,000 in a week. However, the current number is still over four times it was at the beginning of the year.

edwin 0 months

Not back on top yet, but we are getting there. Unemployment is almost as good as Obama had it in 2012, you know after no pandemic...

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

And if you look half of those unemployment claims are from California alone.

Doug 0 months

Nancy will just call this a distraction too as she increases security on her home so no one else will poop in her driveway.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 0 months

Good to hear.

Wholly 0 months

Danger? fear? Probable government overreach? Pick one and then shut up and get back to work.

Cassius 0 months

More likely that unemployment has made it more difficult for people to file... that's more likely why the #s are down.

John M
John M 0 months

Everywhere I go I see help wanted signs, we're even hiring the largest group we've had in years.

Cole. 0 months

Isn't this less than a percent of our total population?

croissants 0 months

Still haven’t gotten mine yet but it’s ok, stay home, wear a mask don’t go out. Super easy to say when you’re a tech dork who works at home. Must be nice cashing in and not having to leave the house. Ooops, you dropped your virtue signaling. Here, let me get that for you. Ok, whew! Now, you can go back to your safe space where everyone gets a trophy. You’ve earned it for keeping people “safe”. -signed, a true liberal/ logical lefty.

Indo 0 months

Its a global issue. One that is going to be around for quite some time.

John W
John W 0 months

It's no mystery Democrats are using lockdowns for the election. Hospitals. hospitalization rates for covid are way down.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 0 months

This is with major cities keeping bars and restaurants closed even though the number of contact spreads of COVID19 is at the bottom of the category. By a large margin.

Seekster 0 months

Progress! Progress is good.

Barry 0 months

Did they stop giving out extra money with the unemployment? If they start again it'll go back up again

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 0 months

Good to hear.

John W
John W 0 months

These are Democratic lockdown claims. These lockdowns are unconstitutional.

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