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Trump defends own leadership during ABC town hall

Trump defends own leadership during ABC town hall

President Trump’s faced undecided Pennsylvania voters at an ABC News town hall on Tuesday. Trump faces questions around healthcare, immigration and the coronavirus. Trump defended his administrations management of the pandemic, stressing ’I think we did a great job’. On healthcare, he said, ’We’re going to be doing a healthcare plan very strongly, and protect people with pre-existing conditions’.

NotvotingTrumpagain 0 months

This could be scary for the Trump campaign. After the last town hall event, if I were his adviser, I would never let him do one again.

Forsaken 0 months

What leadership? tweeting, being childish and taking no responsibility is leadership. what a joke.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 0 months

Who wants to watch Clinton aid George Stephanopoulos pretending to give Trump a platform?

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