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Green Party presidential candidate removed from ballot by Pennsylvania SC

Green Party presidential candidate removed from ballot by Pennsylvania SC

Democrats in Pennsylvania heaved a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court of the key swing state ruled that the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Green Party will not be allowed to appear on the state’s ballot. The Democrats are trying to consolidate votes in the state. The court ruled in a 5-2 ruling that the proper procedures were not followed by the Green Party.

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 0 months

I would be interested to know what was determined to be disqualification, as in, procedurally, did they just forget to check some boxes? I would greatly enjoy a further investigation into that. Wouldn’t the irony be great that they mailed it, and it got there late?

Qanonsense 0 months

Ok, let's talk about 2-party system vs parliamentary system. In a 2 party system like the US has, of you vote for greens or libertarian, you know your party will never win and will therefore never have representation in government so by voting for them you are literally just taking votes away from one of the two main parties. In a parliamentary system (like Canada or the UK) your party will be granted a number of parliamentary seats proportionate to how many votes they recieved. That means that in a parliamentary system your votes towards a 3rd party still matter even if they don't 'win' the election. In Canada, where I live, I can Vote Green or NDP even in hyper-conservative Alberta and my vote will still matter. Even if the conservatives and liberals come out on top, if I've managed to push through an NDP or Green seat, my party will have ACTUAL representation in government. Let me ask you Americans, if you voted green in Kentucky, do you think anything substantive would come of it?

Jim 0 months

Tell me again how exactly Democrats are for open and fair elections. Oh I get it now, they are for open and fair elections that favors them. Democrats are laughable

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

How is this legal to crush non duopoly parties?

Eric 0 months

Sure would be a shame to let the people decide wouldn’t it.

Cameron tolley
Cameron tolley 0 months

From what I read in the articles the green party failed to fill out the proper paperwork.

dsgbob 0 months

Let the cheating begin...

Reaper 0 months

Why is half of the links not the green party story?

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