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Pence reacts after former aide says she’s voting for Biden

Pence reacts after former aide says she’s voting for Biden

VP Pence dismissed a former aide who said she would vote for Joe Biden, calling her a ’disgruntled employee’. Olivia Troye revealed that she would vote for Biden because of President Trump’s response to COVID-19. Troye claimed that Trump thought of the coronavirus as a ’good thing’ because that would save him having to shake hands with ’disgusting people’, referring to his supporters.

Lisa 0 months

The President's response to COVID was the best anyone could have done. People can and will cast Never-Trump votes. These people refuse to look at what has occurred over the last four years.

Austin 4 weeks


David 0 months

It is exactly in character for Trump to call his supporters disgusting people, yet those same people will still vote for him.I bet if Trump ate the head off of a baby they would still find a way to rationalize that and support him.

Shane 0 months

Wow! This administration sure hires a lot of bad eggs and creates many disgruntled employees. Maybe they should look into that...

Doug 0 months

Olivia might frighten Mother (;-) (;-)

Nathanael 0 months

An employee let go has something negative to say about her ex-boss. Amazing?

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