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Moderna expects to make 20M doses of COVID-19 vaccine by 2020 end

Moderna expects to make 20M doses of COVID-19 vaccine by 2020 end

Moderna said on Friday it was on track to produce 20M doses of its experimental COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year. Moderna had enrolled 25,296 participants out of a planned 30,000 in its late-stage study. The company is working with Switzerland’s Lonza Group and Spain’s Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi to make the vaccine outside the US.

Shameless 1 months

This is the company that's making the vaccine that will come completely and permanently change your RNA structure. I don't care if the coronavirus was 10 times as deadly as it actually is I am not going to take a vaccine that rewrites my genetic structure! If that's the best you can come up with I'll pass!

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 1 months

Delivery should be focused on the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions (as they are the hughest “at risk” groups. After that we can probably slow production down and let it trickle in.

James 1 months

Given that viruses mutate, any vaccine will only be partial effective at best.

George 1 months

Is this really needed when they have found that plasma from folks that had Covid19, when injected to folks that have it, cures them? What more does the vaccine do that plasma doesn't?

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 0 months

I will sooner prefer a beheading than taking this garbage poison! Humans are so weak that they must mess with nature? Fools.

croissants 0 months

Medical experts, “there’s a lot we don’t know yet about this virus. Everyone else, “let’s fast track a vaccine!”. I’d tell you where critical thinking went, but if you’re reading this and actually intelligent, you know...

Dan 1 months

This Doctor says it all about Moderna.

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