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US Senate ready to move forward with Ginsburg replacement, says Mitch McConnell

US Senate ready to move forward with Ginsburg replacement, says Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the Senate will vote on President Trump’s nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday of complications from cancer.

Matthew 0 months

I hated everything that RGB stood for and truly believe that her decisions cost millions of lives of the most innocent people imaginable. That said, I also hope that she meets a very merciful God and I am really sorry for all of her friends, family and followers (I was depressed when Scalia died). On the political side, the Republicans will not and should not wait to push her replacement through. The democrats did away with the 60 vote requirement for judges, not the republicans. The arguement will be that the republicans refused to put Garland through because it was so close to an election. There are 3 things that arguement does not take into account. First, that election was definately the end of Obama's time in office while Trump still has a second term (possibly). Second, this election will most likely require a full SCOTUS to deal with challenges to mail in ballots. Third and most important, in 2016 the Republicans held the senate and could stop an appointment. In 2020, the democrats cannot.

Warren Oneal
Warren Oneal 0 months

Republicans in February 2016: "IT'S AN ELECTION YEAR OBAMA SHOULDN'T APPOINT A JUSTICE! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" Republicans in September 2020: "Well, we clearly need to fill this apointment immediately. There's an election coming up!" They’re not even pretending to have principles anymore.

Timothy 0 months

What exactly are the justifications for pushing a replacement of Ginsburg in an election year, especially considering it is something the Republicans themselves spoke against during Obama's election year? Just want to hear your nuanced perspectives on it.

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