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Two dead after a shooting took place at a party in New York

Two dead after a shooting took place at a party in New York

Two people have died and 14 others injured following a mass shooting at a party in Rochester, New York. Cops responded to calls of shots being fired and found about 100 people running from the scene. No suspects were in custody, and officers added that it was too early to tell whether there was more than one shooter.

Dave 0 months

Good on the cops who turned up to shots fired, even in this anti-cop hysteria we find ourselves in. God knows I wouldn't, either they get shot or get crucified for shooting back.

Nathanael 0 months

If restrictive gun laws prevented gun crimes, then how could this happen in Rochester, NY? This is the place of the strictest gun Laws in the US. Few modern guns sre allowed there under any circumstances. Strictest background checks. Strictest mental health laws (which 2a advocates also support). But the fact of criminals committing violent crime is with us. And in horrific and wicked attacks like this, limiting the law abiding citizens' ability to legally defend themselves is wrong. It emboldens criminals, and gives them the advantage. The best solution has proven to be: -more policemen on the streets, -less criminals on the streets, - armed law abiding citizens. Rochester, NY is against all three of those solutions.

Jose 0 months

By the end of August 2020,there had been 417 documented mass shootings in the US, leaving 348 documented dead and 1,776 documented injured. That amounts to 1.72 mass shootings per day (at 242 days if we start counting from January 1st). Is it so hard to understand that there is something inherently wrong with how easy guns are dispatched to preety much anyone in the US? A mandatory yearly exhaustive psychological evaluation is all that's needed to allow anyone to purchase, and therefore keep, a gun. That wouldn't eliminate the issue, but would certainly help decrease the amount of regular mass shootings and other gun crimes.

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