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Fox News anchor addresses cutting off Gingrich linking Soros to protests

Fox News anchor addresses cutting off Gingrich linking Soros to protests

A Fox News host and a former CIA spokesperson took on ex-Congressman Gingrich during a show, after he claimed that George Soros funded candidates for prosecutors in riot-struck cities. ’I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this’, Fox News host Melissa Francis said. Addressing the incident the following day, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner said Gingrich ’needed to be allowed to speak’.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

"We don't censor on this show," Nah, actually it kinda looks like you do. Ya did slam the door on him so you do censor. If you want to make a LEGITIMATE apology and add that “it won’t happen again” then make that statement instead of the backhanded apology you made.

Jon 0 months

George Soros is an incredibly rich and politically active man who does things. People should be able to talk about him without being shushed or pooh-pooh'd. The way some speak, you'd think he was a myth that only the superstitious believed in, but no, he is real. Let Gingrich say what he likes.

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 0 months

If you cannot criticize someone, they need a DEEPER LOOK

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 0 months

George Soros does not believe in God, he believes in predictive opportunism

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 0 months

There is way to much "not allowed to talk about that" in journalism today. If it's an incorrect statement, then counter it.

IvoryDove 0 months

Michael... See if you can read this...

michael 0 months

George soros is republicans russiagate.

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