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Michael Moore sounds alarm on Biden’s campaign in Michigan

Michael Moore sounds alarm on Biden’s campaign in Michigan

Michael Moore sounded the alarm bells for Democrats about his home state of Michigan ahead of the Nov. election. During an interview, Moore cited a recent poll that showed President Trump cutting Joe Biden’s lead ’in half’ since June. ’It’s actually worse than Hillary. At least there was a ground game, even though she didn’t show up’, Moore explained when asked what the Biden campaign should do.

IvoryDove 0 months

You mean "We'll move your jobs to China so my son can make a few more million!" isn't a winning strategy???

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

To showcase the "deep thinking," of the Democrats, Moore pointed out part of the 2016 "strategy" was: "...if there were too many Hilary yard signs, it would remind the Trump voters that, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s right, I’ve got to get out and vote against her.’ So they’re afraid. They start with the fear of the Trump voter, and that’s what’s going on now.” Clearly in 2020 they have gone even further down thst path, so not only no yard signs, but the candidate himself is trying to minimize any exposure to the public. RBG's death may have made that strategy even worse. If Trump defers appointing a new justice to the SCOTUS until post-election, that will be a polarizing concern that drives many more voters to participate. I kind of want this simply for getting more people to act. The inevitable fall out over the mail votes will happen no matter what, so having more people actually vote could dilute the potential impact of that.

RD 0 months

TRUMP PENCE 2020 🇺🇸💪💯👍

David 0 months

You know the world is screwed when he starts bring the rational one in the room.

Silver 0 months

You're not paying attention. It is called: "worse than Hitler", not "worse than Hillary". Educate yourself

Lisa 0 months

I would like to ask Michael Moore what he thinks is the reason Sleepy Joe should be running the country? Does he really think he is capable of -- doing ANYTHING? And what is the reason Our Prez should be ousted? Not that I care what Michael Moore thinks, but his opinion is apparently worth a headline.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 0 months

Gooood. F**k Joe Despacito Biden.

DScott 0 months

Michael Moore actually called Trump winning in 2016. I think so

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 0 months

Michael Moore. Calm down washed up has been. Biden 2020. Don the Con 4 prison 2021.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 0 months

Wait, that's possible? Damn.

C 0 months

Oh yes, I must follow what another millionaire that lives a life that I can't even fathom says. Yes I must listen to what the one news channel I've watched tells me to do. My opinion now is based in such truth and fact it must be just. They teach me to be a victim. Even though when I walk outside I don't see this.. but I'm starting to feel it in my heart now because they keep telling me it must be true on the one news channel that I watch. when I watch the other channel it is so different it makes me angry... Of course they're not telling me this so that they can then control me. Of course there's no hidden agenda behind all this controlled by people of great wealth that call themselves righteous. I must follow the herd. I must not think for myself. If we can get people that are not rich like us to fight amongst each other then we can control them. We can do this by putting them in different groups. Then putting these different groups against each other. like what the one news channel on television says like rich versus poor or something such race or ethnic groups. When we're doing this perfectly they put themselves into these groups without us needing to help guide them into the groups. If we can induce envy in their hearts then we can control them. If we can actually get people to deny others the ability to speak freely and call it hate speech then we can control them. If there's no dissenting opinions then we can control them. And finally the people who are poor now and are easily controlled will be fully controlled because us the rich will never relinquish it. And you were foolish enough to help us do it. Either way left or right all the way leads to the same thing. Uncontrolled unchecked power. Communism (the rich are everyone with the power which is the government, everyone else has nothing and absolutely no possibility of getting it) and Fascism (exactly the same) are identical. Currently in the United States there's an obvious push in one of these directions. We will not be forced to believe we must belong to certain groups We will not hate any other group that we am not part of, we will love them. We will not hate the other political party. We will not hate the people in it they are our neighbors, we will love them. Our country is the greatest because of all the different people that live here. We come here to be together not be separated. We refuse to be separated by you anymore. If there was a systemic system against any group then it would be impossible for any person in that group to be wealthy. Obviously this is not the case because there are wealthy people of all groups. stop lying to us because we don't believe it anymore. we know when we are united there's nothing we can't do. We will see when we make a mistakes and immediately correct them. Instead of being envious of what someone else may have we will be thankful for what we do have . because we know if we lived in one of the countries that have one of the above-mentioned systems going I would not have anything like I do now or the opportunities I do now or the freedoms I do now. How do Hollywood people have any idea what it's like to live our life? How do the millionaires TV stars on the one news network we watch understand what it's really like to live our life? We refuse to listen to you anymore. We're not going to watch your news networks. we're going to find something that's neutral that actually reports news and lets us make the decision on it. just because you're a mega billionaire and own a news network doesn't mean you get to tell us how to think, because we're not listening anymore. We will always be pragmatic, this is America

SMC Mediamakers
SMC Mediamakers 0 months

Welp no shite Sherlock

Randy Rand
Randy Rand 0 months

He has his millions, Michael really could careless now.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

He knows, because he's being honest.

ray 0 months

I live here. Moore is right. Michigan is going for trump hardcore.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 0 months

I'm crying tears of joy. MAGA 2020!!! Get our country BACK IN CONTROL!

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