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Jason 0 months

Does anyone actually understand what "roe v wade" actually does?? Its not a federal issue. Let the states decide. Dont like your states decision? move.

Highlander 0 months

Isn't this what the dems say every single time a Republican president gets to pick a supreme court judge. FFS, why do they continue to use this argument.

Justin 0 months

Ohh you mean the lie that was played to the court, also known as Roe :

Anon 0 months

Great, 100 years from now our decendants will look at us like barbarians for how many millions of the unborn that we murdered. Abortion is murder. Idgaf about your body, it’s not the one being killed. You should straight up go to jail if you have an abortion.

Seekster 0 months

We can only hope.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 0 months

This would absolutely be terrible for ppl who are in unfortunate situations. But if you ask the right they don't care as long as the kid isn't killed in the mom. Who cares if it suffers years of abuse and mental abuse.

KOAN. 0 months

Here we go again. More fear mongering. They said the exact same thing for kavanagh.

Brian 0 months

Margaret Sanger was right.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 0 months

Two things I can tell about this. First, 2 party system where both parties are at an odds isn't in best interest of people. It's worst situation for public, as thinking what's in their interest falls to the last place. Second, seeing how RBG was clearly as day feminist, how come she was judge on that case, seeing how she obviously biased? It's hard to get someone completely unbiased, especially when it comes to an abortion, but she was far from best option.

Dawesenm 0 months

I'm all for population control.

ken taro
ken taro 0 months

bAby kIlLErS!!

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 0 months

Never mind that, it's the 19th that needs to be overturned.....

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