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Amy Coney Barrett is a front-runner to fill Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat

Amy Coney Barrett is a front-runner to fill Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, 48, of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has emerged as a front-runner to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Allison Rushing, 38, of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals based in Virginia is also being considered. Two other judges are under serious consideration as well, including Barbara Lagoa, 52, and Amul Thapar, 51.

Rocky 0 months

She would be a good pick, but how will the left make up fake rape allegations? She is a conservative so she had to have raped at least a few people right?

Got Truth
Got Truth 0 months

Barrett would be a great choice for two reasons: 1. Dems would have no chance to steal the election through the SC. 2. It will mean the end of Roe vs Wade, saving millions of lives.

Seekster 0 months

ACB sounds good to me.

Big Peeper
Big Peeper 0 months

Who’s RGB?

Kreptox 0 months

Remember when McConnell said we should delay Obama's pick so the American people can decide? LMAO why aren't Republicans saying that now? Hypocrisy much?

John W
John W 0 months

for over a hundred years the Democrats and the republicans have always done it this way. "Since the 1880s, no Senate has confirmed an opposite-party president’s Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year." fake narrative alert!

WWG1WGA 0 months

I think Barbara Lagos would be the best pick now then Amy Barrett for Beyer seat in the future. Lagos is a woman and Hispanic (poc) how can dems even try to block that.

Chase 0 months

If Barret or Rushing gets the position their Catholic and Conversates views will definitely mess up all pro-choice, trans rights, and LGBTQ rights. Isn’t church and state supposed to be separate.

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 0 months

So, who did she rape thirty years ago?

Canna 0 months

I think we should follow the advice last term. Wait till after the election.

Rebeca 0 months

A pathetic attempt by the Drumpf Reich to win the vital Women's vote by installing an Aryan woman judge. It would be even more shameful if Drumpf chose the Hispanic judge.

Rae 0 months

If Trump wants Barrett for SC they will have to avoid the abortion issue . as a prescedent, Cavanagh and Roberts and the rest of SC will most likely avoid that issue for political reasons

Sergio 0 months

If only she was black?

Sigfried 0 months

To respond to the already present Graham bashing and pre-empt further hypocrisy shrieks, I'll remind you all that this is going according to our law per the president you liked before the Orange Man.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 0 months

I was gonna say if love to see the Dems complain if Trump nominated another woman.

Cole. 0 months

I really hope its amy, specifically to throw a huge fuck you to the left.

mickey 0 months

She OR any Republican WILL NOT be the next judge; just like abortion WILL NEVER be over turned in America. WE ARE a corporat nation founded on corporations and for corporations. Adams may of been " Christian" however WE all are not.

Jon 0 months

He won't pick any of those, he didn't last time.

Chase 0 months

Rooting for Logoa, seems a good fit considering the huge number of Latino and minorities in the US. Itd be good for them to have representation.

Logan 0 months

This needs to stop being political. Everyone in the comments that is only concerned about red and blue shame on you. We are talking about a seat that is supposed to hold up the judicial branche and ultimately review new laws for the people.

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