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US judge temporarily halts Trump’s WeChat ban

US judge temporarily halts Trump’s WeChat ban

A judge in California has halted the Trump administration’s ban on downloads of the Chinese-owned app WeChat, after a group of users filed a lawsuit against the ban, citing violation of freedom of speech. Judge Laurel Beeler said that the users who filed a lawsuit ’have shown serious questions going to the merits of the First Amendment claim....’ The ban was set to go into effect from Sunday.

Doug 0 months

It's a San Francisco Judge, so of course they're going to side with the communista.

TAP 0 months

Since when does the 1st apply to companies and people from other countries?

THICC 0 months

I'm sure majority of Americans are happy getting rid of communist app WeChat in the U.S

Angry Mister Yellow Face!
Angry Mister Yellow Face! 0 months

Why so many ppl riding China’s D?

Cole. 0 months

Can't wait till we can get rid of these commie judges

Mutatis 0 months

"In the ruling, the court said that a WeChat ban “eliminates all meaningful access to communication in the plaintiffs’ community,” and that an injunction would be in public interest." Does this rationale not go against all the previous precedence regarding social media platforms and the application of the first amendment? I mean people are prevented from 'meaningful access' to their 'community' all the time, based on vague interpretations of an ever changing tos.

Dave 0 months

So Twitter banning Americans, not 1A issue. America banning WeChat, 1A issue.

Dale 0 months

The judge says the evidence is modest? Normally, if you were in a security related field, modest evidence of a security threat would be more than enough information to take action and seek to eliminate or mitigate the threat. This judge obviously doesn't give a rip about national security.

R3DK@ 0 months

The president is obsessed with anyone who is more successful than he is. We're on the verge of 200,000 Americans dead and his focus is on phone apps

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 0 months

So, why didn't the judge block the banning and censoring of people on the internet such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook?

Jake 0 months

One more step towards a fascist Amerikkka if Trump just gets free reign to ban anything he wants that hurts his feefees

Indo 0 months

Another funnymen app. You gotta be kidding. Damn tiresome tirades with them funnymen. Don't seem they wanna end it either.

Sean Cox
Sean Cox 0 months


Gareth 0 months

When in Rome act like Romans. Below is the missing part. When dealing with Romans, deal like Romans.

Lisa 0 months

Can a judge block an executive order? After all the years of news leaks about security + privacy violations, why do these two liitle apps get held up as The Problem? Blocking them won't change what's going on but only open the door to block the use of apps people use for quick, on-the-fly, communication as well as short but personal conversations that no one wants to "save."

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 0 months

Good, cause it's my main communication app plus Telegram.

Sean Cox
Sean Cox 0 months


SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

Watch that get overturned fast

Freddie 0 months

In God We Trust! ☦️✡️💟

Vark 0 months

Gotta help those people send money back to China, innit?

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