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Thousands march in Germany in support of refugees in Greece

Thousands march in Germany in support of refugees in Greece

Thousands of people demonstrated on Sunday in Berlin and other German cities, urging the EU to take in migrants left without shelter after a fire destroyed a camp in Greece. Around 5,000 people turned up at the Berlin rally. Similar gatherings were seen in Cologne, Munich and Leipzig. Some 12,700 people have been left homeless after a blaze laid waste to the Moria camp on Lesbos last week.

E 0 months

Don't see them putting their hands in their pocket.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 0 months

Politicians have spoken out against that because then everyone will just burn down their camps to get to middle europe

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 0 months

So lemme get this straight.... extreme leftists and economic refu.... sure, migrants.... march in European countries demanding more economic migrants be allowed enter the country? How's about no? How's about you look to move back home, and take those crazy leftists with ya. We'll pay you.

Doug 0 months

Arson is considered a violent crime. It isn't a wise move to allow violent foreigners into your country. You would have thought that Germany and Sweden would have realized that the first time they tried to let everyone into their countries.

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 0 months

Communists doing Marxist behavior... How adorable.

Q Unanimus
Q Unanimus 0 months

They aren’t refugees they’re economic migrants brining their garbage culture to the west.

AbsentSal 0 months

ya know, if each country took some refugees, they wouldn't concentrate in the few that do.

Julian 0 months


Tom 0 months

Round them up and deport them

Mopeyhornet 0 months

Sehr gut mien Deutschland ist scheiBen

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