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Briton, Australian killed clearing WWII bomb in Solomon Islands

Briton, Australian killed clearing WWII bomb in Solomon Islands

Two bomb disposal experts died in an explosion at their home in Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands Sunday. Australian Trent Lee and Briton Stephen Atkinson died when an unexploded ordnance is believed to have detonated. The two men, employees of Norwegian People’s Aid, which maps unexploded ordnance across Solomon Island, were reached by rescuers alive but were declared dead at hospital.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

Imagine being a nearly 100 year old pilot and your K/D count suddenly ticks up by 2.

Ewan 0 months

This sounds like the same sort of crazyness as I experienced in the Army once when a soldier radioed in to say that he had found an unexploded bomb. I told him to leave it where it was and I'd call in the bomb disposal people. After around 30 minutes we heard a motorcycle pull up at the command post and in walked the soldier, carrying the bomb and asking "Where do you want this, sir?"

Doug 0 months

I get the mapping part, but what was going through their minds to have this stuff in their house? Considering the corrosion from all the sea air, even the US doesn't try to disarm this stuff. They just blow it up in place.

William 0 months

This is a sad story period, I suspect that they were over confident in their abilities and as such we have two casualties. It is possible that the bomb in question was that of "scientific value" depending on who you could also be the "cover up"... will we ever truly know? I think not.... The 2023 game's??? Hello??!!

Indo 0 months

Here's a coverup story. They are trying hard to close up the real blasting they did on native islanders as experiments. It showed up with babies born like jellyfish !!

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