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Biden enters final stretch with $141M cash advantage over Trump

Biden enters final stretch with $141M cash advantage over Trump

Joe Biden’s campaign, in combination with the Democratic Party, is sitting on $466M in cash reserves heading into the final weeks of the presidential election. The Biden campaign announced that its current financial advantage over President Trump’s campaign and the RNC has reached more than $141M. Biden and the DNC raised a record-breaking $364.5M in August.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Turns out when the candidate sucks bad enough no amount of money will make a difference. Just ask Bloomberg or Steyer about that.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

Bernie style "No Refunds" policy, I presume?

AD C 0 months

Anyone else remember how little Trump spent on his campaign last election and still won? Seriously, Trump focused more on going viral then trying to outspend people and it worked out for him.

Adam 0 months

Let’s not forget...In 2019 more than 1/2 of his donations came from untraceable unemployed doners. Dems are using all “quivers” possible to kill democracy.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 0 months

Biden obviously has China's backing. China controls most of the world's economy more than we will ever know.

Nicholas 0 months

How the funk does Biden have more money than the Trump/GOP propaganda machine?! I get Trump campaign text for historical purposes, the amount of begging they do is insane!.. I’ve never seen a campaign so eager to scare me into giving just $45! Apparently I’ve missed 3 payments on my membership that I don’t have. And Trumps whole family is upset that I’m ignoring them...

Patty 0 months

Does he get the money when he loses?

Burger 0 months

And he should use a lot of that to get his shit together Michigan.

phillip 0 months

He still is no going to win. No amount of money is going to beat a person God has given the green lite.

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