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Biden administration unveils plan to donate 25M vaccine doses abroad

Biden administration unveils plan to donate 25M vaccine doses abroad

The Biden administration on Thursday announced it will donate 25M Covid doses abroad. About 19M doses will be donated to WHO’s COVAX initiative. Besides, about 6M doses will go to Latin America and the Caribbean, 7M doses will go to Asia, and 5M will go to Africa. Additionally, about 6M doses will go to countries in need, including Mexico, Canada and South Korea; and for UN front-line workers.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 weeks

Got to do something with them, I guess, since even bribes aren't getting enough Americans willing to be the test group.

Bryan_with_a_why 2 weeks

Since they have enough extra doses to just give them to other countries can they stop this BS at home and remove the boot from the necks of innocent humans and restore at least some of the freedoms stolen from the citizens?

Aaron 2 weeks

God speed, may we remember this period as a grim wake up call to the faults in our society

Derek 2 weeks

I think I’ll take one for the team, be a humanitarian, and donate my dose to needy people in the third world. Being blessed with an incredibly strong immune system and having already survived a bout with what had to be COVID in December 2019, I am at low risk anyway. Some researchers actually believe natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. I’ll go with that and send my dose to that guy in India who scammed me online.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 2 weeks

We're donating up to 80 million doses? What a waste of taxpayer dollars, at least sell them for cost, or 50% at worst. ... The Average US citizen is in debt... and the grand total government debt / unfunded liabilities puts the average taxpayer (including the "infamous" 1%'ers) in debt to the government by ~$1,600,000... and we're adding to it by the minute. We can't afford to give them away for free, at least charge "something." Let me put it this way... we're likely we'll past the point of total defaulting on the debt being inevitable (as just the interest alone will cause the debt to double in 30 years... with no new debt). That means any waste we add (no matter how generous, no matter how kind, no matter how charitable, will make the starvation caused by the "imminent" economic crash that much worse. Basically, by being financially irresponsible, giving away free things makes other countries worse, not better. We can do more debt free than with hundreds of trillions of dollars of it, because of interest. We should trickle-down, be the "penny-pinching a-holes" for a while, then come back to the position of charity even stronger as a result.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 weeks

When US tax dollars paid for the research that brought this plague one the world? Is this a pant of guilt I wonder?

Strong Thought
Strong Thought 2 weeks

The CDC reports almost 5000 deaths from the experimental vaccines since December. That's more than all deaths from all vaccines in the last 23 years. That's not even considering over 100,000 serious injuries, such as Bell's Palsy, brain damage, and ALS. No wonder the FDA hasn't approved them for general use. Too many Americans are waking up and refusing to be guinea pigs, so those who are financially invested in the experimental vaccines are having to sell the elsewhere.

george 2 weeks

Any bets on who he gives the distribution and administration contract to? That's where the real theft happens.

Lcifer 2 weeks

Am I the only one who noticed the person who wrote the headline can't do math? 19+6+7+5+6=43........

Opher Simani
Opher Simani 2 weeks

Didn't Biden prefer these additional doses saying that trump didn't order enough? I guess trump wss right..again

GT... 2 weeks

Poor recipients..

ken taro
ken taro 2 weeks

better late than never, i guess

Indo 2 weeks

Well finally the US is up on it's feet again. Good to see you again folks. Happy days onwards

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 2 weeks

Wow so generous of you. Or you can tell them what they need to make it themselves. Oh wait no profit in that

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