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Judge rules that election mail must be prioritized

Judge rules that election mail must be prioritized

A judge ruled Monday that the USPS must prioritize election mail and reverse some key policy changes imposed by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. The US District Judge in New York’s Southern District became the second federal judge to side against USPS in the past week. The latest ruling said ’multiple managerial failures have undermined the postal employees’ ability to fulfill their vital mission’.

Mandraquex3000 0 months

Or you know, you could vote in person... drt fouchi said so long as cdc ppe/ social distancing guidelines are followed there is no reason people can't vote in person.

Jim 0 months

Good to see these judges require the USPS prioritize the ballots, now we get them back 3 days after the election. Still not sure what role a judge plays in voting by mail given the fact there are no actual laws or rules on the process of voting by mail. Interesting

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

Funny thing about the USPS, they lose stuff all the time... All. The. Time. Poor handling, theft, destruction, delays, fire, rain, oh my goodness the possibilities are endless. Also, why are the same people that bemoan the racism inherent in the system the same ones that want to give more power to that same system?

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