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Family of shooting victim sues Louisville police and Kentucky National Guard

Family of shooting victim sues Louisville police and Kentucky National Guard

The family of David McAtee, a barbecue cook who was shot to death by a National Guard member during Louisville protests in June, has filed a wrongful death suit against Louisville police and guard members. The suit alleges the use of excessive force by law enforcement officials when they approached McAtee’s barbecue stand to break up a crowd. McAtee was killed after he fired his gun at them.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

Kinda hard to win a “Wrongful death” suit when guy shot first.

dick 0 months

"...was killed after he fired his gun at them." Well...

porcus 0 months

Louisville PD will be paying out taxpayer money for their failure to activate their body cams. That ALL of the officers at the scene had failed to activate their body cams seems to imply coordinated efforts to prevent evidence of their actions.

Jon 0 months

Yeah, I've seen footage of him pointing and firing the gun first, I dunno what kind of jury they expect to have...

John M
John M 0 months

Let me get this right, a man shoots at officers and get shot himself and now the family wants a payday? This has become an epidemic, sacrifice one of your own for a fat check

WWG1WGA 0 months

So you shoot at police and you don't expect to be shot and killed 🤔

rick 0 months

I guess the blacks want more free money Get a job people.Take a little pride in your self These people must have low self esteem.

Bill 0 months


James 0 months

All you jackasses are screaming for money money money and that f*** her fired first so guess what he deserve what he got

Antifa are terrorists
Antifa are terrorists 0 months


Kent 0 months

So much stupid.

Lisa 4 weeks

I agree he shot first and there's no defense for that. I wonder about them coming after a barbecue crowd with brute force of all the things they could be responding to.

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