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Coffee 0 months

Clearly being white is an advantage in the NBA 😂🤣 you got to be FNing kidding me these people get more rediculous by the day

Eric 0 months

If you are white and someone says “hey Whitey, we’ll let you jump the line” and you respond with “cool, white privilege baby” it is you who is the problem.

Tim 0 months

I think it is funny how there are so many people here that say that white privilege doesn't exist. I think it's funny how one of your Heroes. Only says that it exists but it was used in his favor help him get a job and many here won't even acknowledge it. I think that is absolutely hypocritical and not surprising at all

S 0 months

Cause it's hard for a back to back league MVP to get work nowadays. BTW, he also has foreigner privilege, but he's not sorry for taking a job away from an American.

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