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DeVos to be probed for suspected violation of ethics law

DeVos to be probed for suspected violation of ethics law

The US Office of Special Counsel, an independent government agency, will open an investigation to find out if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos breached the Hatch Act – a law forbidding federal employees from engaging in political activities on the job – after her department distributed a video clip of DeVos criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Suzi 0 months

The Secretary of Education answered a question about educational policies and then made her answer easily accessible to Americans. It sounds like she’s doing her job. Yes, she criticized Biden, but only so far as to distinguish his policy with the current policy. This is ridiculous.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 0 months

“The revelation is the latest in a string of Trump administration officials to face accusations of breaching the government ethics law. But the power to levy penalties on officials like Ms. DeVos falls to President Trump, and he has shown little inclination to mete out punishment or follow the office’s recommendations.” Wut? Our ‘law and order’ prez isn’t holding his people accountable to the law? Shocker!

Don'tbackNV 0 months

Meanwhile common core wreaks havoc on the minds of the youth. Nobody actually cares about education its all political. Democrats need 2 be abooooorted!!!

Jon 0 months

The Hatch act gets violated six ways to Sunday every day of the week by officials on all sides throughout the system.

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