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Fauci troll identified as PR official at his agency

Fauci troll identified as PR official at his agency

A public affairs official at the NIAID will ’retire’ after a news report identified him as the anonymous author of blog posts on a conservative website that disparaged Dr. Fauci and mocked the use of masks. William Crews, who worked in NIAID’s communications branch, is a managing editor working under a pseudonym for the right-wing opinion website RedState.

Nathanael 0 months

If he were a liberal, and leaking something anti-trump, he'd have prime-time MSM news cycle coverage and dozens of "experts" to confirm his revelation. And another NYT bestseller book would be born. It's happened over and over... But when it's against a hero of the left, "Your Retired"...

Firstname 0 months

I don’t agree with what the guy said but this definitely goes against freedom of speech. What I want to know is who took the time to hunt down a troll like a South Park season. Surely someone that would go out of their way to identify a troll would be worse than the troll.

Doug 0 months

The federal government has been infiltrated by all manner of rabid, rightwing ideologues, denying science, killing Americans

oneski io
oneski io 0 months

Success? Is this guy a hero now? If he was editor on some left wing rag would he have been fired? Or is his anti mask stance that has got him the sack?

Ellen 0 months

Why is it that conservative websites are always labelled as Right Wing or Far Right. Seldom do I see Left Wing or rarer still Far Left.

MozartFX 0 months

I’m sure the FBI put their best ppl on this to find out who was DARING to criticize their savior Dr. Fauci. Fauci and the head of the FDA belong in jail. IMO.

John W
John W 0 months

Democrat adviser pretending to be conservative to false flag. like Biden's head cyber security expert. Cybersecurity expert participated in rac🐴st internet troll group https///

J. P.
J. P. 0 months

He shouldn’t have retired, and if they made the work environment hostile or tried to fire him over his protected 1st amendment activities he should’ve gotten a fat payday out of it.

Fair 0 months

Nah heooikoi I'm lpll

Blehgior 0 months

Why does disagreeing with someone make you a troll?

Don'tbackNV 0 months

Anti China = Right wing Everybody remember that! Don't forget it!!!!!

Neil 0 months

OK he's a troll, but is he lying or not?

Muzical 0 months

“Troll?” Seriously? 🙄

John 0 months

There's your"deep state"

Donyboom 0 months

We got em folks! Death sentence for sure!

Alex 0 months

Can we stop villainizing right wing people?

Ayayron 0 months


Jon 0 months

Retire? Fire his ass and strip his pension.

Rob 0 months

The left will never be happy until they destroy the bill of rights!

Randy 0 months

So, not a troll. Ok.

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