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Former Wisconsin police chief selected to review Blake shooting

Former Wisconsin police chief selected to review Blake shooting

Wisconsin’s AG has selected a former Madison police chief to serve as an independent consultant for prosecutors weighing whether to file charges against the cop who shot Jacob Blake. The shooting of Blake on Aug. 23 made Wisconsin the epicenter of the nation’s ongoing debate over police violence and racial injustice. Noble Wray, the expert, has become a national leader in working on police reform.

Rocky 4 weeks

Does every shooting get a special former police chief to come in and force charges on people? Not sure why an accused rapist and violent resister gets special treatment. 🤷🏾‍♂️

AD C 4 weeks

I wonder how this is going to go down. There's obviously some form of an outcry from BLM, but a few polls have now shown that BLM has been losing support and they show that they took quite a dip with defending Jacob Blake. So I'm wondering what kind of ripples we'll see.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 weeks

Unless there are some mitigating circumstances that have not been reported, this has to be ruled a justified use of force. Unfortunately what seems to be happening in several of these 'protest-related' cases is the investigations are dragged out as long as possible to not further incite the rioters. The Brooks case in Altanta is still under investigation. Rittenhouse is potentially struck in jail for 2 years unless his lawyers get him a 'house arrest' situation. So in the Kenosha case, expect this 'investigation' to take a very long time.

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