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US coronavirus deaths cross grim milestone, toll now over 200,000

US coronavirus deaths cross grim milestone, toll now over 200,000

Deaths due to coronavirus infection in the United States crossed a grim milestone on Tuesday with data from Johns Hopkins University putting the toll at 200,005. The US remains the most affected country in the world with over 6.8 million positive cases reported across the country since the pandemic reached the country. It is followed by India with 5.56 million cases with nearly 89,000 deaths.

Diddy 0 months

More coronavirus propaganda. The people are waking up and we're tired of being fed lies about this virus. It's clear after the riots and after NFL games and just looking around, without being tuned in to the MSM fear mongering that this coronavirus response has been a politically driven sham to control people's behavior.

David Webb
David Webb 0 months

This is a lie, the CDC has already confirmed that only 7000 deaths are caused by covid and the rest are with covid.

Amoneywilson 0 months

We have 2 million deaths so far, from handful of diseases. Only 187k has covid involvement, according to CDC. Such insignificant amount in comparison of other diseases.

Matt 0 months

The protesting Right wants to open. The protesting Left wants to riot. Thag vs. Ungabunga. The rest of us just lose, and so do they. Thanks, c*nts.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

Covid Alone has killed 0.002743% of the U.S. population in 2020. 0.197% killed by Heart Disease... which is a major portion of the Covid deaths. Fake News got people acting crazy. If you have to be convinced that Covid is going to kill you instead of knowing it will kill you, it's because fake news and money making industries told you so. No one knows anyone that died from Covid in the country... we hear a couple reports of a couple famous people... people fighting stage 4 cancer for decades and the like. But zero deaths for normal average people even into elderly age. Covid is Fake News. Reminder... a real Pandemic was the Spanish Flu of 1918 which instead of killing 0.002743% of the U.S. population... killed 0.5%. Math, reality are real things. Hope you don't die in the 1 in 104 chance you have of dying in a car crash tomorrow.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

CDC - Covid Death statistics include 2.6 comorbidities including and not limited to "Intentional Self Harm and Non-Intentional Self Harm" . Yes, Covid cases include suicide and murder. Also shark attacks, motorcycle accidents, drug overdoses. Covid is fake news. Tiny virus that killed a handful of people who's clocks had already run out. Scamdemic.

WooToo 0 months

A complete failure to govern at the national level. These deaths were preventable if we had a President who cared more about the American people than he does about securing his own re-election.

sid 4 weeks

It's so sad to see propaganda about this issue. This disease is real and it causes huge deaths if you don't trust our case numbers look at the cases worldwide. Also don't forget that during this crisis we also had so little ppe that some nurses wore trash bags as a substitute. In addition it's ridiculous how this pandemic has become so partisan America really is screwed.

Gregory 0 months

The Trump administration is to blame for all these deaths

IvoryDove 0 months

We should change the name of the virus to "China-Weapon1".

ken taro
ken taro 0 months

So we find the cdc a reliable source of information, now? Or no?

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