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Trump expands ban on racial sensitivity training to federal contractors

Trump expands ban on racial sensitivity training to federal contractors

President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning the federal government and federal contractors from using ’Critical Race Theory’ in racial sensitivity training. Trump tweeted that the ban was on ’efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies.’ Earlier this month, his administration had instructed federal agencies to end such training.

K3719er 0 months

This is so much win. THE SALT MUST FLOW

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 0 months

God I love seeing sanity win.

Bradley 0 months

It's very simple. Critical race theory, or as some would say neo-marxism as instead of class division it uses race, and sex division has been directly linked to the lost children burning buildings and looting. These kids a high percentage college students, have been taught through this theory several key factors : 1. There is an oppressor and the oppressed. 2. The oppressor must take any action necessary in the name of the oppressed. 3. Older white males are inherently evil. 4. Older white males because of their dominion over society can't be trusted, therfor reasoning must NOT be used as it is a product of such culture. (many ideas like this have been written by top leading PhDs within the field) This is a very very simplified breakdown of the ideology being taught in college's, I have studied for myself to get a window into these kids minds. It is why logic will never work with them. You see, for them they are the virtuous warriors fighting for justice at every step and if you aren't with them you are the evil one and when fighting for equality there is no line that can be crossed whether violent or angry or not. This is drilled into their heads the entire time on campus. It has by definition become cultish as they exhibit a reverence for those who teach and preach this theory. Look up "Neil When critical theory" on YouTube. It will be called "Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity : Are They Compatible?" It's long but it's so informative. Know thine enemy.

Seekster 0 months

Good. Now we need to make sure that no tax dollars go to Public Universities that teach this kind of fictional tripe. Teach history not ideology.

Alt Porcus
Alt Porcus 0 months

Trump pandering to his base. Why this is important to his base is beyond me. Also curious how this is important to Trump now. Why not 4 years ago? This articicle, is again proving, Trumps supporters really will cheer anything.

Shane 0 months

Excellent news! CRT must be crushed. I hope this "patriotic education" can remain objective and help re-educate Americans on both the good and bad aspects of US history

Kyle G
Kyle G 0 months

Good, racism is a lie anyway. It’s just a word used to control people and shutdown certain conversations.

Stephen 0 months

It's doubtful that many of the critics of Critical Race Theory have any knowledge of the theory or of the objective evidence that supports it.

Exnihilo Adnihilum
Exnihilo Adnihilum 0 months

Critical Race Theory is not racial discrimination training.

ken taro
ken taro 0 months

Keep on extending, pls

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 0 months

No one will miss it. No one taking it thinks it actually works.

Real Deal O'Neil
Real Deal O'Neil 0 months

Trump does not want anything to hinder the racism in and from his supporters: he fosters it, encourages it, supports it.

michael 0 months

So now when an employee harasses another, the victim can sue the entire company. These classes are a way of protecting companies, it allows them to say "we don't condone this behavior". Trump is stripping them of that protection. Lawyers can now argue that entire companies are systemically racist or sexist, and they won't be able to point to these classes as a way of defending themselves. There's nothing wrong with learning how to not be racist or sexist.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 0 months

Winning, winning, winning, winning........

John 0 months

Better late than never

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 0 months

Now it just needs to expand further....across the entire universe.

IIzard 0 months

Good. Wish this happened in the uk

Richard Bond
Richard Bond 0 months

Good! That nonsense is abhorrent.

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