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Foy 4 weeks

White flight coming to Seattle now. Let it burn says the city council. Great job voting in these imbeciles but you get what you deserve.

Erick 4 weeks

Man I feel bad for every day working people and even business owners. The few cops they have left will be to busy and criminals will flock to Seattle and take advantage of this. I really hope tourism shuts down so the city can really feel the effects of their choices. It's only getting worse there. The whole city will be chop 2 soon....

Seekster 4 weeks

Just remember Seattle, you voted for these people.

Sasu 4 weeks

for some reason I believe that this will cause more OT and wind up being more expensive.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 4 weeks

Something tells me that Amazon will be accelerating its move to Bellevue.

OldSch00lin 4 weeks

Dip Dip Sha-na-na-na Sha-na-na-na-na Dip Dip

Glen 4 weeks

It's time for the Normal people to leave Seattle!

Jake 3 weeks

Seattle’s city council needs to stop getting their news from Facebook! They think this will solve problems? Wow! How misinformed.

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