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Americans urged to vote by Prince Harry and wife Meghan

Americans urged to vote by Prince Harry and wife Meghan

Americans have been urged to register their votes in the upcoming Presidential elections by Britain’s Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan. This has led the two to enter into a political territory usually avoided by British royals. They said that people who are able to cast their votes should do so. Having stepped down from their royal roles in March, the couple now lives in California.

Tom A
Tom A
Ernst Schnell
Ernst Schnell 0 months

I wonder when this has become controversial. Encouraging everybody's participation in a process that is supposed to represent everybody sounds like common sense to me.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

This woke bint is a disaster for the Crown. She behaves in social standing like a bitter alcoholic woman getting ratted and upsetting everyone at a wedding she got a +1 invite to at the last minute. Stumbling about with no regard for royal decorum, spilling wine down herself whilst she vents through dribbling lips her various pathologies. God have mercy...

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 0 months

If she was worried about the actual hate speech then she would be attacking the press. She would also be attacking the politicians that condone or help the rioters and looters.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 0 months

Celebrities know what's best.

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