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Spotify testing in-app interactive polls for podcast episodes

Spotify testing in-app interactive polls for podcast episodes

Spotify says it is testing a new polling feature for podcasts within its app and it will roll out for ’most’ Spotify users today, while the rest will get the feature soon. The polls will appear either on the relevant podcast episode page or on the ’Now Playing’ screen. The questions and answers will come from the actual podcasters. Tapping on an answer will reveal how other users responded.

Met Man
Met Man 4 weeks

Spotify should fire all their complaining employees if they don't stop their whining. Fck you feelings, we are here to make money!

Don'tbackNV 4 weeks

So spotify can dictate the narrative even more. Spotify is pure evil.

Paul 4 weeks

doesn't seem to make much sense, but lets see what the final version of the feature brings

Nicholas Noel
Nicholas Noel 4 weeks

People go to Spotify to listen, not read. Expect the feature to be a waste of company money.

John Hall
John Hall 4 weeks

All because Joe Rogan wanted to host a debate...

Austin 4 weeks

This is a neat feature.

Donald 4 weeks

Sounds like spotify is digging a grave for themselves

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