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Dr. Fauci informs Rand Paul of science facts

Dr. Fauci informs Rand Paul of science facts

Top infectious disease experts delivered testimony about the U.S. pandemic response before a Senate committee Wednesday. Dr. Fauci went back and forth with Rand Paul, and accused the senator of distorting information. ’You’ve misconstrued that, and you’ve done that repetitively in the past’, Fauci told Paul around COVID-19 data. Earlier, Paul taunted Fauci as being ’a big fan’ of NY Gov. Cuomo.

gav 3 months

It was Fauci who wasn’t listening. He’s part of a new elite that tell you up is down and if you don’t accept it then you are just not clever enough. Sadly there are lots of people who want to believe they are smart so they parrot these elites. Fauci praises New York which has the highest death rate in the world and you are stupid if you can’t understand why he praises Coumo. Meanwhile in Sweden there is no Coronavirus problem but you are stupid if you agree with their scientific approach to the virus. Fauci is a snake oil salesman trying to convince people the Emperor has beautiful new clothes.

Richard 3 months

He slams Paul for making a bad sweeden comparison, then compares it to two neighboring countries with half the population. As I read it, Paul stated that herd immunity may have been a better option. Paul never insinuated that 22% was herd immunity, that was Fauci putting words in his mouth. It's really hard to believe any research on such a highly politicized topic, when it comes from a highly politicized source, such as our colleges and universities. Might as well ask the GOP for Pelosi's approval rating, or the DNC for Trumps.

Paula 3 months

For Rand Paul to think he is smarter than Dr Fauci is astonishing. Anyone who has a brain knows that Paul is out of his league. Good for you Dr Fauci for being true.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 months

Faucci can’t admit cuomo did a horrible job with the pandemic and just got up there and lied his a55 off.

William 3 months

Coronavirus has been around for over 50 years, and it by itself does very little killing... multiple studies have shown that most people whom have died from the virus would have died within 12 months... the virus just expedited the deaths./natural order of things. Shit... I haven't heard anything about anyone dying in the last 5 months from anything but the coronavirus..... normally I would see lots of obituaries with a wide variety of causes of deaths,.... not anymore everyone dies from covid-19 now a days and nothing else... Things that you go hmmmm....

Donald 3 months

Fauci is a JOKE, he is a war criminal as far as I can tell

Simone 3 months

While there's much to be disagreed upon with Fauci, Rand Paul's assumption that 22% is herd immunity is absurd. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Eileeñ 3 months

Ron Paul doesn4 know what he is talking about is funny how they go after a professional that has done this for years just to defend an illiterate Trump with trully no education no real college and more importantly he isn't an epidemiologist this Republicans dont belong in the senate they all destroying democracy as they claim the Democrats are doing it. Talk about such a lie people will know how fast trump uses and tries away anyone that doesn't want to fallow his insane policy. We are risk of trump throwing all the ballots away and stay in power this is why he want to nominate a new judge that can help him throw away democracy out the window

Cameron 3 months

Rand Paul continues to display what an out-of-depth clown he is. A shame, his father would’ve been a great president.

David 3 months

If anyone knows about misconstruing, it's that little twit Fauci!

Jon 3 months

This exchange was amazing. Fauci made the eye doctor look like a complete fool and it was excellent. 👏👏🤣 And Fauci is 100% correct when you compare Sweden with'it's neighboring scandinavian countries it has done an abysmal job.

John M
John M 3 months

Comparing the people of Sweden to the people of the US is like comparing Thor to Chris Farley

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