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IvoryDove 0 months

Deal drugs. Illegally discharge a firearm. Get shot by cops. Pretty simple.

Eric 0 months

No it’s outrageous and offensive that you want vengeance and not justice. People who want justice for Breonna know the real issue is no knocks.

Glen 0 months

The justice system did its job. So back off and follow the law. Your a lawyer, quit trying to change the laws to fit your own agenda.

Matthew 0 months

Why? It wasn't even a no knock warrant. The cops knocked and announced themselves, waited, legally entered the home, received fire wounding 1 officer, the cops legally returned fire hitting Taylor who was in THE SAME ROOM as the shooter (per ballistics). What charges should there be? I am actually sorry she is dead but it wasn't illegal and it wasn't racist.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 0 months

The People claiming to want Justice are actually looking for Vengence.

James Wall
James Wall 0 months

Witness account state they didn't announced themselves, the guy was in the right due to stand your ground law. Plus they got that warrant on false pretense, they said they had proof after working with the postal service, but the postal service denied working with them. An internal investigation was issued because if how fishy it was.

John W
John W 0 months

The false narrative is outrageous. She was on the warrent, the police announced themselves and they answered with gun shots.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 0 months

A prime example of affirmative action and why it weakens a society so much. Here we have a person who sailed through law school and the bar, on the merit of his race, but doesn't actually understand the legal system. He confuses mob outrage social justice with actual justice.

RayJoeBal 0 months

Are we after justice or punishment? because one does not necessarily equal the other, and if it is not enforced equally then it is also not justice, please correct me if i am mistaken.

Jon 0 months

Original quote misspelled "just and fair"./

John 0 months

There are so many conflicting reports about this whole story that I'm really struggling to establish what actually happened.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 0 months

Be careful what you ask for Democrats. If you want mob rule you are not going to like the results. You outnumbered 4 to 1.

Brian 0 months

Just behave and act like civilized people !

S 0 months

What a liar. I wasn't outraged or offended and neither was anyone I know.

Sergio 0 months

NO, stealing 12 million in taxpayers funds is horrible, all due to one drug dealer that was enabled by her

Jim 0 months

What’s outrages is a court official , which he is, not representing the laws correctly. He knew going into this that once her boyfriend shot a cop the others could legally shoot back. Again like in the Michsel Brown case, we discover that there were black witnesses who contradicted the lawyers and media version of events. Witnesses who heard the cops announce themselves. We also found out that Taylor wasn’t laying in bed when she was killed. She was standing in the hallway right beside the guy who shot the cop, which is a bad place to be. Common sense should tell you that if they were in the hallway and police were announcing themselves that Taylor and her boyfriend problably heard them also, why would they have gotten out of bed if they didn’t hear anyone at the door ? And they were at the door long enough for witnesses to hear them announcing. Yet again BLM is protesting based on a lie. Nobody can think for themselves, lemmings going off the cliff. Michael Brown never had his hands up saying dont shoot, The cops in Floyd’s case will be found not guilty once the jury hears that he was saying he couldn’t breath as he sat in the police car with nobody touching him ( high on the most dangerous drug there is ), Brooks beat up two cops, stole a taser and shot it at one of them and 11 unarmed blacks being killed out of 44 million is very far from the police hunting Labron James down in the street. It’s all lies and they are burning our cities based on them !

Trevelyn 0 months

Relaxed laws for criminals creates professional criminals

Randall 0 months

So now apparently someone can bust into your home and if you shoot at them they have the legal right to kill you.

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 0 months

Good, be outraged and offended, Karen.

Mutatis 0 months

Meh, Crump is an ambulance chaser, who has an overt self interest in the case.

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