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Trump justifies urgency for Ginsburg replacement to resolve ’disputed election’

Trump justifies urgency for Ginsburg replacement to resolve ’disputed election’

President Donald Trump argued that his nominee to the Supreme Court as late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement should receive a vote before the November election so that the court will have the full strength of 9 judges to resolve potential election disputes. Trump told reporters: ’We need 9 justices. You need that with the unsolicited millions of ballots that they’re sending. It’s a scam.’

Imperial Nerd
Imperial Nerd 0 months

Yes, what else needs to be said... Both sides are going to dispute the resoults, and we will need a Presadent- weather it be Trump or Biden (Kamala). We cannot afford the chance of an even split.

Joe 0 months

If Democrats controlled the White House and the Senate, they would confirm a new justice in record time, even if it was their last day before republicans took back either one. The nonsense arguments and threats are just a cover for the reality that the party in charge will do what benefits their agenda. Republicans should confirm a Justice, it would be weak and foolish for them to not do so.

michael 0 months

If Biden wins a supermajority, I would urge him to just add additional seats to scotus until he has a majority there too.

Leonard 0 months

Hard to argue with Trump's logic here.

SickOfTribalisem 0 months

Well u know we don't want to go into election with mail in ballets a ton of potential for fraude and 4/4 split Curt's.... Now do I like the idea of replacing justices this way... Nope but... Let's be fair the democrats are the one's who wanted this system where u don't need a 60 majority And the republicans... Well... Blocking Obama was a different story... Not that I agree with it but there was the justification that the american people already decided to replace him so u know.... Right now we do not know who'd win... Not for sure....

Michael 0 months

He knows he will keep losing appeals until the Supreme Court and probably win there

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