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US must defend TikTok ban or file injunction by Friday, judge rules

US must defend TikTok ban or file injunction by Friday, judge rules

A US judge has ruled that the Trump administration must either delay banning TikTok on US app stores or file an injunction defending the decision by Friday. The US government’s order banning TikTok downloads from Apple and Google app stores was to take effect Sunday. Earlier, TikTok moved court against the ban arguing the ban was ’not motivated by security concerns but political considerations.’

Dustin 3 weeks

Should be easy to do. We've known that it harvests data better than any social app out there for a while.

Doug 3 weeks

The government has armies of lawyers. They can more than handle this. Unless the judge is an activist judge. Then, nothing can defend the ban because orange man bad.

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 3 weeks

Apple & Google have banned other apps from their store for way less. It’s interesting to witness what is grounds for banning and what isn’t.

Jim 3 weeks

I just don’t remember all these oppossing rulings during Obama ( who conservatives consider uninformed) or Busch ( who liberals thought was stupid). Seems now a days it’s the courts who are determining our national policies. I’d prefer congress have to override the order so we would have these national security issues decided by people we elect rather than appointed federal judges

michael 3 weeks

Tiktok makes a valid point. If trump was concerned about security, he wouldn't be okay with American companies buying the app.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 3 weeks

Just bring in a picture of Winnie the Ping and point. Case closed. Or the video mockup that china made nuking our navy base.

Arthur 3 weeks

What more proof do you need that it reports to the ccp!

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