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Americans file 870,000 jobless claims, above Great Recession’s peak of 665,000

Americans file 870,000 jobless claims, above Great Recession’s peak of 665,000

870,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week as economy struggled to bounce back from Covid-19 pandemic. The seasonally adjusted total during pandemic stood to ~61.9mn, a number equivalent to over 38% of the nation’s workforce. Economists forecasted 850,000 filings this week, as per The Wall Street Journal which would have been well still above the Great Recession’s peak of 665,000.

GreenMachine 4 weeks

UPS is hiring. FEDEX is hiring. Amazon is hiring. Daycares are hiring. Walmart is hiring. And they aren't getting overwhelmed by applications.

Tim 4 weeks

1st, the headline doesn't say the Great Depression, it says the Great Recession. Two different times in history. So the numbers are accurate. 2nd, the Forbes article and the Zero Hedge article doesn't speak of either times in history it just says that jobless claims have risen above what economists say that they were expecting for this time of year. Lastly, none of us know if FedEx, UPS, Amazon or Walmart are inundated with applications unless you work in the HR department for any of these companies. And honestly I wouldn't work for Walmart since they aren't really paying a livable wage anyway. Would you?

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 weeks

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that current unemployment pays more than most people's jobs.

Hunter 4 weeks

I guess most people don’t know the difference between the Great Recession (2008) and the Great Depression (1930s)

Ken G
Ken G 4 weeks

So....jobless claims have gone down more than 75% since the initial shutdown of the country but still the media needs to spin these numbers as bad? I'm confused...shouldn't we be happy that the Democrats shutdown and economic crisis is being overcome?

mark 4 weeks

I don’t agree with the money system of the government as a whole but I will say that if we only exceed the great depression numbers by 30 something percent then if the population has grown over 30% then I guess it’s not too bad right 😂

Jim 4 weeks

Another media propaganda story, in actual numbers everything is above the past numbers, there are more total people in our country. During the Great Depression what was the population, 200 million ? Now it’s 340 million, yeah there’s more of everything . It’s also true that there are more total people employed

Flash Reviews
Flash Reviews 4 weeks

My email gets bombarded every day by hundreds of jobs from apps like Linked etc. I think we are given to much money away on unemployment. I know ex-coworker that don't want to returns back because they are making the same or more as me weekly from home doing nothing.

Glen 4 weeks

Misleading article, population now is four times more then in great depression.

SickOfTribalisem 4 weeks

So let me get this right... Destroying the economy was worth it right.... 200k are death while twice as many are unemployed... (And keep in mind that the US's population is over 350 million) not to mention that the majority of the deaths are the elderly and people with comorbidities... Which are already near death So destroying the life's of 5 times as many as the once who died... Totally worth it right Keeping in mind that destroying he economy didn't work great any way and just how many more could suffer and die and... Due to the state of the economy compared to the virus's consequence......

Oneal 4 weeks

Look at the Dow Jones, why is anyone still listening to that Jack hole?

William 4 weeks

Science instilling fear in America (socialist agenda gains more ground

Michael 4 weeks

Need to reopen!

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