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Seekster 0 months

It will be like going to casinos except people will cross state lines to buy a car.

Coffee 0 months

I thought California had an electricity shortage? Now plug in a bunch of high Voltage cars does not seem like it will help the situation 🙄

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

The elite pushing their morals on the peolle again, for literally no reason. Yall don't have enough electricity as it is, people are dying of the heat and you want electric cars? Please.

LAInde Thinker
LAInde Thinker 0 months

I live in CA and I'm frankly tired of these proposals. Why, in an already expensive state, do you feel the need to make it more expensive? A middle ground might be to go the hybrid route but vehicles are used for more than just transportation, they are also used for recreation and tech hasn't evolved enough to use vehicles over multiple days across rough terrain.

Mike 0 months

According to the "experts" that will be too late. According to Al Gore, it's already too late and most of California coast is under water

Djedhi Scribe
Djedhi Scribe 0 months

This is why people are leaving California in droves but unfortunately bringing those same politics to Texas.

Anon 0 months

This is just going to hurt poor people

Marinewife0317 4 weeks

More stupid laws coming from CA. When will Californians ever learn to stop voting in Dems? Dems will promise you the sun and moon for your vote and turn around and change your livelihood. I used to live in NV and hated how our water and electricity were being funneled to CA when they live next to an ocean and could figure out solutions to their water and electric shortage

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