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Video shows protesters grabbing shields from U-Haul post Breonna Taylor decision

Video shows protesters grabbing shields from U-Haul post Breonna Taylor decision

Moments after an announcement which proclaimed that local cops were not being charged in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, protesters were seen grabbing protective gear and pre-prepared signs from a U-Haul in Louisville, Kentucky. The viral footage, which has been viewed more than 4 million times, shows dozens of people rushing over to a rental van parked downtown.

Jeff 0 months

The wheels of justice are in motion. Riots will just show they want mob rule. Maybe everyone who's going to burn down a minority owned business in the coming days should join politics and or the legal system if they don't agree. With that said, we can only hope there are enough ex-pimps on call to make sure the cops having to deal with riots act responsibly 🙄

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 0 months

So people brought premade supplies to this a full day early. Then set up for the reporters to get pictures within an hour. How is this not organized?

Matt 0 months

OK, gotta update the list of racist groups to include Grand Jury members ... so, if my list is accurate ... looks like everyone who is white or an authority is racist and we should definitely burn everything and murder each other now. Congratulations, America, on reaching this fun end-of-empire scenario. Happy hunger games.

Donald 4 weeks

The Uhaul was by hand of BAIL.PROJECT woman, which means this was funded by Bill Gates and George Soros. Caught red handed, this is the smoking gun! Look up the donors of the BAIL PROJECT

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