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Two officers shot as riots erupt across US after decision in Taylor’s killing

Two officers shot as riots erupt across US after decision in Taylor’s killing

Two police officers were shot in Louisville amid protests over the grand jury’s decision that the three policemen involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, a black woman, would not be charged for her death. However, both the officers are said to be out of danger. Soon after the announcement was made, demonstrators took to the streets throughout the evening in over a dozen cities across the US.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 0 months

Protesters vow to continue until they see change. The officers weren't not charged because there was evidence and neigbor witnesses. Due proccess happened and Justice was served. Time and Time again we see these " protestors" claim wrongful deaths demanding change but time and time again evidence comes out that contradicts their narrative. Maybe its not the police that should change, but the blck community because time and time again these innocent blck men that get shot by the police end up being thugs who put themselves in that situation. I known Taylor didn't deserve to die but she wasn't shot in her bed like the Far Left falsely claim, this was a tradegy but not unwarranted. Police had a warrant, they knocked, made their presence known. When their shouts weren't reaponded to they used a battering ram, the Taylora boyfriend fired 1 shot hitting an officer in the leg, the cops retirned fired and Taylor got struck by one of the bullets, but its still a justified shooting.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

BLM: “Let’s protest and wreck a different city in a different state so the city and state we’re angry with won’t have to care about our rioting” Good job guys.

Djedhi Scribe
Djedhi Scribe 0 months

This one of the consequences of dating Pookie the dope pusher. She knew he sold drugs so there shouldn't be any outrage.

Randall 0 months

It's now perfectly legal for someone breaking into your home to kill you if you try to protect yourself.

Mutatis 0 months

What is the rationale behind protesting the actions of one state government in a different state?

Jeff 0 months

this is undeniable proof that these people don't understand the word justice or how justice works. No wonder they think they suffer injustices, they have no idea that we have a legal system with better and we'll established laws and rules. Go join politics, law, or a community reform group if you don't like. Don't burn down yours neighbors business or terrorize the entire nation. Also, I thought they all wore masks and that's why there's been ZERO cases from the protests. Hmmmmm

Glen 0 months

If Breonna Taylor was white, would these same people protest? Or are Blacks held to a higher standard?

John W
John W 0 months

Let's just close the school forever, that does feel like justice, for the continued false narrative. They don't need any more public funds.

Mopeyhornet 0 months

NYC communists take to streets

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 0 months

What outcome would not have them "protest" in the streets?

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