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FBI launches probe into ballots found in Pennsylvania garbage

FBI launches probe into ballots found in Pennsylvania garbage

The FBI has opened an investigation into nine absentee ballots that were found in a garbage dump near Scranton, Pennsylvania, the Department of Justice said. Out of the nine ballots, seven were cast for President Donald Trump while two were sealed. US attorney David Freed said the initial findings were ’troubling, including improper opening of the ballots by the county.

Charlie 0 months

Just another piece of fake news meant to support DT’s conspiracy theory. And we all know that the DOJ no longer stands as an independent arm of government.

Charlene 0 months

I’m a little skeptical on the ‘factual honesty’ of this article. That being said maybe..if true...they were mixed in with the 40,000 ‘naked’ ballots that were tossed. Being that they know who filled out the tossed ballots, were they informed so they can vote in the election?

porcus 0 months

Huh. And yet the Democrats and Left assure us that mAiL-iN bAlLoTs ArE sAfE. Looks like some Trump ballots are getting discarded. What a shocker to find evidence of Democrats cheating.

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