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K3719er 3 weeks

This pandemic, brought to you by the democrats! The virus is no more harmful than the flu, but hey its an election year, so lets shut down the country. If this had happened in 2018, no one would care amd nothing would have changed.

Tim 3 weeks

SMH, I really can't believe that people still think this idiotic and asinine theory that this is made up. Take a look around because 200,000 people are dead. We're not doing anywhere near as good as other countries and it shows and they are looking at us some are laughing and some and stunned amazement. And you are so small brained as to point your finger at just one of two corrupt parties in this country? Completely out of touch inside of you but what else is new in this country nowadays

What 3 weeks

Free us help President Trump we need it

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