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Amazon introduces its security drone  at its annual hardware event

Amazon introduces its security drone at its annual hardware event

Amazon revealed a slew of latest products at its annual hardware event on Thurs, including a security drone that flies to customers homes on preset routes. The latest version of Amazon’s Ring security camera, known as the ’Always Home Cam,’ docks into a base that looks a like an Apple TV, and launches its drone to traverse when its sensors are activated after its owner has put it in ’away’ mode.

SickOfTribalisem 4 weeks

And I'm sure this defiantly will not under any circumstances be used to spy on people for profit... Right... 100% legit completely totally.... Totally......

Zeek 4 weeks

I want to attach munitions to it and use it to take over my neighbor's property. He'll battle my units with his. It'll become a real life RTS with your drone army.

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 4 weeks

Some things simply don’t need to be a thing. I’m thinking this is one of them. Although it’s pretty much the same thing as a drone.. for some reason this just seems a little bit more.. weird.. at least drones are human piloted..

Arrow 4 weeks

I'd be down for this if I could guarantee ONLY I could see the video feed. That was the advantage of CCTV. The closed-circuit part.

Dave 4 weeks

*someone breaks in* Ring Bot: "screw this! I'm out!" *flies away*

R. 4 weeks

Neat idea, horrible company. Instead, this should be free (as in freedom) and open source DIY project.

Donald 3 weeks

Kill it with fire

Jordan 4 weeks

Ide buy it. Can check on the kids or the pets.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 4 weeks

I’m betting no more than 30days after release until someone mounts a gun on it and loads a program for killing home invaders.

Indo 4 weeks

For an org of their size, u would like to see them come out with new tech for common use. That which later will be part of their sales n distribution business. Soon maybe !?

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