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Iran accuses US of ’savagery’ after new sanctions

Iran accuses US of ’savagery’ after new sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the US of ’savagery’ after Washington imposed new sanctions on Tehran. ’The Americans have inflicted tens of millions of dollars of damage on Iran’, Rouhani said, adding that, ’The address for Iranian people’s curses and hatred is the White House’. The US, earlier in the week, blacklisted several Iranian officials and entities over rights breaches.

Antifa are terrorists
Antifa are terrorists 3 weeks

Iran attacks merchant ships in international waters and runs terror cells in Iraq. Rouhani can sμck donk€y d○ng.

HiDragon456 3 weeks

Ah yes, the U.S. are the savages for putting sanctions on you, yeah that makes sense.

Timbo 3 weeks

I have a better description of "savagery." Having a culture that encourages cutting the head off a 14 yr old girl and then only imprisoning the killer for 9 years.

bobby_5150 3 weeks

Did he even pause throwing gays off of buildings to make this statement?

Moonwatch 3 weeks

Yes, because murdering people for being gay or disobeying their husbands is oh so more civil.

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 3 weeks

In Iran, the legal age for a girl to become a woman and take full responsibility as an adult is 9 (guess where they got that from?) This is a state the imprisons, tortures, and executes young girls and women because the 'stray' from the strict laws of a medieval totalitarian death cult loosely based on late bronze-age Jewish magic. You want the definition of the word savage? It is Islam.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 3 weeks


Rocky 3 weeks

I didn't know the president of Iran was dipping his toes into comedy. This joke had me rolling!😂🤣😂

Sumarious 3 weeks

Hahaha... Says a radical islamic state.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 3 weeks


S 3 weeks

Iran: "we needed those Obama dollars to maintain fear and terror in the region."

DustyBottoms 3 weeks

I think the phrase is.... “What a douche!”

ben 3 weeks

Get used to it all you beautiful Imans...America F Yeah!

Frederick 3 weeks

Yeah. Let's be civil like them. So are we killing gay people first?

Bill 3 weeks

Opposite day!

Charles 3 weeks

guys you won’t believe this but i just saw trump throw a gay man off of a building! wait.......

Mike 3 weeks

I hate to ever agree with Iran, but they happen to be right about this White House. Who can blame them for enriching again? They’ll never trust another Americans president when the swings in leadership are this wild. Trump is a puerile moron.

solodolo 3 weeks

Didn't they just execute a famkus wrestler on made up, unverified charges? Sounds pretty savage to me.

WWG1WGA 3 weeks

Better than sending pallets of cash and gold. AMERICA FIRST

AbsentSal 3 weeks

I think they mean cruelty...

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