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Thousands in London attend anti-lockdown rally

Thousands in London attend anti-lockdown rally

Anti-lockdown protesters and police clashed in London on Saturday. More than 10,000 took part in the ’we do not consent’ rally in Trafalgar Square against the government’s measures to combat COVID-19. Speakers at the rally denied they were conspiracy theorists, saying instead that the stood for freedom of expression and human rights.

Dave 3 weeks

I don't support what these people did, but I think we need to lockdown the elderly and those with pre existing conditions i.e. the vulnerable who are likely to die from covid. The rest of the country needs to go back to work with some standard safety measures in place. If the economy crashes, then more people will die than from an unchecked covid outbreak. Us healthy adults need to take the risk of getting sick and keep things running, while those it would kill should be isolated and protected. We can't just lock the entire country down till we find a cure, it could take years.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 3 weeks

Just one more sign that Britain is being governed from an Ivory Tower. Maybe they should remember what happens when they try to govern without concent (1776, 1857)

Chris 3 weeks

I support these people for the reasons they give, the general principle is right. I don't want clashes with the authorities but if there are the route cause is at number 10 Downing Street, neither the protesters or police anong BOTH of which there will be some over zealous but only because they are driven, incensed and why wouldn't they be? Its not the virus that's unprecedented, it is one of many contagions that have risen their ugly face! The unprecedented crisis is the behaviour of the government TO the virus and which is UNACEPTIBLE, not just now but since the virus broke into Britain. The great mass of deaths were DURING the lockdown. Since lockdown was lifted deaths were so low, they were actually a little BELOW the annual co-mobidity level for the time of year. So why is gov now putting more and more restrictions and we have seen since the latest multiple region restrictions a small rise on the death rate! There is nothing to 'work out' that isn't staring us in the face! Locking down does NOT work so why does gov want to do it again?

Doug 3 weeks

Not much longer until these protests devolve into riots like the UK had going on in the 70's. Then, the coppers will have something more to worry about other than raiding people's homes for saying something naughty on the internet. It's no fun when the sheep have the guns.

CringeTikTok's 3 weeks

Look at what the news write incredible

Q Unanimus
Q Unanimus 3 weeks

Good we aren’t taking their shit anymore.

Deet 3 weeks

It is starting. This lockdown madness has to stop. This is the real disease

michael 3 weeks

So science deniers aren't just in america, great.

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