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Wholly 3 weeks

There is a reason why heresay evidence is not allowed in court. Because it ISN'T EVIDENCE. Call me when you have a dead body.

Real Deal O'Neil
Real Deal O'Neil 3 weeks

Trump or any other President of the United States not leaving office if they lose the election. How would that work out? They cannot prevent the winner of the election from taking the oath of office at the appropriate time, and once the new President takes the oath of office leadership transfers hands from old to new. If the old refuses to leave the White House, they can be charged with Felony Criminal Trespassing. They'll be escorted from the White House to the Big House.

Jeff 3 weeks

Why is this sticking around? Can we make up a hypothetical with Biden and run for 8 news cycles about why he won't respond the way we want him to? Do they think he is a superhuman who wouldn't be able to be physically removed? It's a non issue, if the election is fair and he loses and refuses to leave, have 2 elderly security guards walk him out of the white house...problem solved. Is everyone such a p*ssy now that they think we'd need some giant governmental process to physically remove one person? This is so gross to keep covering this and does such a disservice to America. You think Trump undermines trust in our system but then put this utter garbage out for several months. Geniuses. It's almost like they are trying to make us forget that they spent 4 years and hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars looking for a boogeyman in Trump and never found it.

What 3 weeks

He should not leave because he will only lose if there is cheating

Jon 3 weeks

I have a scenario where Trump loses and SHOULDN'T leave office: "Mr President, the reports are in but... it seems... we have reports from over 40% of polling places suggesting interference by coordinated mobs, police data suggesting record arrests and the FBI and DOJ are saying that the arrested include record numbers of known political actors, initial analysis suggests this is some sort of coup. Our agents in the field are saying that vote doping, adulteration, and fraud cases are popping up all over the country, and apparently with over a third of the nation claiming to support you, only 5% of votes are for you." There. That is a scenario, and I have discussed it. Does this make me a violent fascist?

John 3 weeks

This kind of nonsense has been said about every President in my lifetime. People need to chill.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 weeks

In other news, some one hates Trump.

Tsila Noitan (Backer)
Tsila Noitan (Backer) 3 weeks

Bullshit they probably just discussed the study that axios reported on just like everyone was...

Neil 3 weeks

Stupi d democrats the question shouldn't be "if Trump losses what will happen?" it should be "if Biden losses what will happen?"

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