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Nigeria suspends Twitter a day after president’s tweet was deleted

Nigeria suspends Twitter a day after president’s tweet was deleted

Nigeria’s government is suspending Twitter operations in the country ’indefinitely.’ In a statement, the Govt. said, the ban is due to ’the persistent use of the platform for activities... capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.’ This comes a day after a tweet by President Buhari was removed for breaching the site’s rules. Twitter said the announcement was ’deeply concerning.’

Randy 2 weeks

If only the USA had the integrity to hold Twitter to the platform standard like Nigeria. If Twitter is going to publish (i.e. edit) then it must be liable for all the content. ALL of it.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 weeks

As it should be! Private businesses are allowed to do at they please in dictating what they choose to say, and whoo they support. Other governments also have the right to mandate private entities within their borders. Too bad the US government doesn't have the cajones to stand firm like this.

Thomas 2 weeks

The thought police lose. Twitter knows what it's like to be cancelled now. Happy to see other countries canceling Twitter for regulating speech in there borders.

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 2 weeks

So Nigeria has more stones than the US. Well done. Any world leader that doesn't do the same when a public forum like Twitter starts censoring them is showing serious weakness.

Admiral Jezza
Admiral Jezza 2 weeks

What goes around comes around

Qanonsense 2 weeks

You people make no sense. Why is it that conservatives are celebrating a government forcibly shutting down a corporation's business activities because their company policy is one that those in power disagree with? What ever happened to right to refuse service? Terms of service? Etc that you guy used to support. Now that corporations aren't on your side of social issues you start screaming to have them shut down. You have no principles, just an agenda. So pathetlc.

Shmule 2 weeks

Remind us, who appointed Googly, Twister, and Fatebook as the arbiters of truth, fairness, and ethics? Seems like they violate all three themselves at their convenience.

Viviko 2 weeks

As it should be. Just as Big Tech are private bentures thst decide what can go on their platform, countries decide what companies can operate on their territory…

Himadri Mandal
Himadri Mandal 1 weeks

Twitter claims access to its site a human right? Twitter should tell that to all the people they've banned. Sounds like the middle ages where the church could excommunicate people. Everyone needs to be with the church till it decides not to be with you.

TexasReb 2 weeks

Yay for Nigeria!!! At least the have some testosterone in their juevos! Social Media is given many legal protections in the USA, so, unless someone posts something that is illegal in their country, then Social Media platforms should not have the ability to censor your post or "cancel you" just because they disagree with what you or someone else says. Answer me this, can you imagine if your telephone or cell phone company be given governmental approval to listen to all of your calls and could disconnect your call if they didn't like what you or the other party said in your telephone conversation. Or what about if they banned you and denied service for two years or forever. At this point, Social Media should be regulated as a Public Utility. If you don't say or promote something illegal in the country of origin then the platform should have no ability to censor or cancel you on your county. They should only be able to censor you or cancel you in countries that your comments are illegal.

Kingsley 2 weeks

Many people just comment for nothing... A president warning a section of the country to show them the same treatment their fathers experienced during the genocidal civil war is OK? Mind you many people are still alive others where kids and you are saying you will repeat the same thing? If you are warning criminals war criminals and don't bring civil war into the conversation. His boss 50yrs ago is now a national prayer organizer

anhed 2 weeks


Olivier Compagne
Olivier Compagne 2 weeks

Ah, the irony...

VenusFallen 2 weeks

I bet every QAnon snowflake praising this move is also on Twitter 🤣

Alpha 150
Alpha 150 2 weeks

Good Choice 👍

susan 2 weeks

Seems as though NIGERIA is pouting?...Oh, what that does to me:)

Alyy Defies
Alyy Defies 2 weeks

As it honestly should be.

M. Keith
M. Keith 2 weeks

Good for them!

jay 2 weeks

Nigeria’s corporate interests. Sounds a lot like Republicans in the US.

J. 2 weeks

Congratulations to Nigerian Government, well done

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