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Will 3 weeks

Christian ISIS is coming to America! Yay Barrboy and the fellow white supremacists/ Christian nationalists. Bringing you a theocratic authoritarian government, one right at a time.

Kyle 3 weeks

Yes historically that’s so accurate. Religion would never do ANYTHING to get rid of my personal freedoms and beliefs. As a nation that created the first amendment to separate church and state we need to realize that that wall should really only be one way

Xinjiang Summer Camp
Xinjiang Summer Camp 3 weeks

Name one act of white terrorism since the church shootings. I’ll wait.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Just a statement of lunacy when they rest of the world is embracing atheism. Seems like the attorney general believes in fairy tales.

Rof 3 weeks

Proverbs 29:15-18 ERV Punishment and discipline can make children wise, but children who are never corrected will bring shame to their mother. [16] If the wicked are ruling the nation, sin will be everywhere, but those who live right will win in the end. [17] Correct your children whenever they are wrong. Then you will always be proud of them. They will never make you ashamed. [18] If a nation is not guided by God, the people will lose self-control, but the nation that obeys God's law will be happy.

HiDragon456 3 weeks

Gotta get the Evangelicals riled up somehow.

Austin 3 weeks

As an atheist, I’m afraid of trump’s administration.

Rocky 3 weeks

The actual largest threat facing America at the moment.

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