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Facebook suspends Trump accounts for 2 years

Facebook suspends Trump accounts for 2 years

Facebook on Friday banned former US President Trump for two years, saying he deserved the maximum punishment for violating its rules. ’Given the gravity of the circumstances that led to Mr. Trump’s suspension, we believe his actions constituted a severe violation of our rules,’ it said in a post. It also said it will no longer give politicians blanket immunity for deceptive or abusive content.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Disproportionate responses, uneven enforcement and lack of specifics should result in some successful lawsuits. Looking forward to the day where people say, "Hey, remember when Facebook was a thing?".

John 2 weeks

2 years, just long enough to keep him out of the midterms where democrats are likely to get creamed...interesting When you tear out a man's tongue you silence him but you also prove that you fear what he has to say.

C 2 weeks

Make sure to keep the ayatollah's Facebook page active

Asmund 2 weeks

So Hitler and his brown coats want to keep others silenced so their version of propaganda is the only version. Everyday Facebook is looking more like fascists

Fontana 2 weeks

Führer Zuckerberg has spoken! He and his goose-stepping lackeys will attempt to sway yet another election in their favor. Welcome to New America!

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 2 weeks

Big Brother has spoken, I'm glad I'm off that platform! To me it was great for keeping in contact with friends and family. First, they shadow banned some of my posts to friends. My friends told me they couldn't see it, but I sent screen shots of it. That's how I know. Then I heard the same thing happening to others. But when my friends and family started pointing out to me that I had been titled as a Trump Supporter and I couldn't see that. That was the final straw. Personal opinion, it's a trash platform, that if you don't comply with their narrative, they will make you feel unwelcome and unwanted. Later on I heard about their profiling and that includes shadow profile's. Walk away while you still can.

Thamer 2 weeks

Commendable action by Facebook. Trump shouldn’t be given this platform to spew hatred and misinformation across the globe. I feel sorry for his misinformed followers.

jay 2 weeks

Private company. They're allowed to enforce policies as they see fit. Everyone needs to accept that fact and stop whining. If you disagree with Factbook's actions, then boycott the platform. It's a simple solution for an absolute non-issue.

Alex 2 weeks


Firas 2 weeks

No problem, he has his own social network now ... Or blog ... Wait what?

Josiah 2 weeks

Could someone tell me how an account being banned from a social media platform is the same as someone being “silenced” by an authoritarian government?

eclipseNF 2 weeks

Enter libtards

J “dr love” S
J “dr love” S 2 weeks

Ironic his last post is trying to stop the Capitol rioting and that's what gets him banned. Says a lot

Clyde 2 weeks

Should be a permanent ban for trumpleforeskin, as no reason to platform a traitorous pig that hates America and wants to con the American people!

andreas 2 weeks

In the statement they admitted they are supporting only one side of the isle. I don't have a facebook so I don't know what terms of agreement are but I feel that could be good case in the court for breaking it

Noobs 2 weeks

Cencorship and removing a mans ability to be heard. Freedom of speech, am I right? Facebook can choose to not support freedomof speech, but not claim they do and then do this.

Randall 2 weeks

Good for them. Facebook has "Terms Of Service" rules for posting on their platform. The United States of America is built on the premise of capitalism and private free enterprise. The government should stay out of it. The same with coca cola in north Carolina.

Rafael 2 weeks

Face book suspends trump got two years ahahahahahahaha😄😁😆😅🤣😂

Nick 2 weeks

Censorship is wrong no matter who it is. It's the First Amendment.

ZozPrime 2 weeks

What a load of BS

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