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Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother receives standing ovation at Wisconsin GOP event

Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother receives standing ovation at Wisconsin GOP event

The mother of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with fatally shooting two people in Kenosha during a protest, was given a standing ovation at a GOP women’s group meeting in Wisconsin Thursday. Wendy Rittenhouse and her son’s lawyer, John Pierce, were applauded by the crowd at the event in Waukesha County after being brought on stage by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 4 weeks

Well, she raised a good son, so yeah, I’d clap for her too.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 weeks

Good. The kid is innocent. I would say I can't believe the leftist media would smear a kid, but then I remember Covington.

Douggie 4 weeks

Are you kidding me? She drove her 17 year across state lines with an illeagel weapon then proceedsgo kill2 & wond a thrid, before running back home to mommy?!???? Diguesting!

michael 4 weeks

He crossed state lines with an illegal weapon, deliberately sought out a victim, then excecuted them. He was motivated by the belief that murder is an appropriate response to mere property damage. After that, he was chased by citizens attempting to detain him, he gunned down one of his aprehenders, then proceeded to fire wildly into the neighborhood, endangering all residents.

JMXXR 4 weeks

This people and most here in the comments are just proud fascist. No different than the Nazys in the ‘30s. No matter how many American flag they hang on thier pickups and how many times they chant “america” They do not stand for American values and are mere traitors like the confederacy.

Mac 4 weeks

This is pure insanity... cheering for murder... what the heck have we become as Americans. We are turning into monsters. I don't care what side you are on... supporting the murder of other Americans on wither side is sick. Lootinf is bad, rioting is bad, murder is bad, brining a gun to a protest with intent over state lines that you illegally carry... come on guys. This is sick

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 4 weeks

Lmao, since when is putting down a rabid animal a crime?

Jon 4 weeks

Why is she not in jail for giving an underaged teen a gun and transporting them accross state lines then fleeing the scene of a crime?

Mike 4 weeks

Again Hilary is proven right. This tome when she descibed the gop electorate as deplorables. Accomplices in murder, One and all!

Frank 4 weeks

So we have law breakers breaking the law to shoot other law breakers who are breaking the law. Good thing we have a leader who is for law and order.

Mike 4 weeks

where can I get my “Hang Kyle” tshirt?

Katie 4 weeks

She gets one from me too. Btw, this article is terribly factually incomplete.

James 4 weeks

This is heading to civil war unless these extremists step back

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 4 weeks

That is some sick stuff that you applaud a kid for murdering two people over a dumpster fire. Shameful right.

Barry 4 weeks

See, you don't need police. We have armed little boys to protect us

WWG1WGA 4 weeks

A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. Millions of us need to step up and take out the trash

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