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Woman working at Whataburger in Texas, quits after sporting a BLM mask at work

Woman working at Whataburger in Texas, quits after sporting a BLM mask at work

Ma’Kiya Congious who worked at Whataburger in Fort Worth sported a BLM mask claimed that the police was called on her due to her mask. The Whataburger supervisor asked Congious to get rid of her mask for it brought with it a political message. When Congious requested to file in her two-weeks notice, her supervisor ruled her out by stating ’We accept it, and you don’t have to come back at all.’

Judi Em
Judi Em 4 weeks

Tat's different and unexpected. And just a teeny bit comforting to learn about. I''m tired of living in the twilight zone. I'm sure she meant well, but your job is not the place to wear your political statements.

Tyler 4 weeks

When you walk into a restaurant you don't expect to see a political viewpoint from a member of staff, I respect the staff members standpoint but there is a time and a place for this...

Matt 4 weeks

This happened at the McDonalds when I was driving through Rosemount, MN. Obese black woman in her late teens to early 20s. Black mask with what looked like those press-on gems. She was nice. I wasn't going to be an a** about it anyway. If management allows political activism in a public-facing workplace, I just wont go back. If I can't respect your management, I wont trust the food you make. Not sorry.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 weeks

“"It was stressful because I have financial obligation to help support my family,"” Something to think about before: •you choose a political statement over your job. •you voluntarily hand in you 2 week notice. Let this be a learning experience you take to your next job; employers make the rules, not you!

William 4 weeks

The woman said that she quit and was turning in her two weeks notice, that is not"fired" The reason for the 2 week notice is to give the employer time to get you to change your mind and convince you to stay... once you are no longer an employee all bets are off... the last thing management wants or needs is a political protest/argument in the store..

Randy 4 weeks

When you are on the job, your free speech ends, because you've voluntarily traded it for the company's speech, and you will say what they want you to say, period. If you don't like that, you are always free to start your own business, and say whatever you want. That goes if you are a football player or a fast food worker.

John W
John W 4 weeks

I could see how police and others might not trust someone with a BLM symbol, preparing their food for them. It's like if Jim Jone's offered you cool aid.

Eric 4 weeks

Now more then ever not allowing political messages at work is for the safety of the employees and customers.

Seekster 4 weeks

If I am not allowed to wear a thin blue line mask then she isn't allowed to wear a BLM mask at work. Both are political statements now.

hellobud 4 weeks

This is the worst Newsvoice summary I have ever seen. Who approved this?!

Jimmy 4 weeks

When you give your 2 weeks notice it's called QUITTING!

Vladika 4 weeks

"requested to file in her two-weeks notice" is NOT fired! More agenda driven FAKE NEWS!

hugh 4 weeks

Good i just want a fing burger

Zach Jones
Zach Jones 3 weeks

There's no mention of the police being called in the article.

michael 4 weeks

BLM has been ruled a non political statement. Their lives matter just as much as any other race. That's not a political position. The only way to make it political is to take the position that specifically black lives are ones that don't matter.

Sirax 4 weeks

Ever try permited protest? Great way to get your message out there

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