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LAPD officer injured after shooting inside station

LAPD officer injured after shooting inside station

A suspect was in custody Saturday after a LAPD officer was wounded in the head during an attack inside the department’s Harbor Station in San Pedro. The officer was hospitalized and is said to have non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect walked into the lobby of the station and the officer went out to talk to him, after which an altercation ensued which saw the suspect hitting the officer.

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 4 weeks

What motivated the attack? If there's a religious or political motive, the perp should be tried for terrorism.

Bee 4 weeks

Since when is USA Today “center”? Newsvoice, maybe reread their articles, then have someone with a more “centered” perspective designate the source leanings.

michael 4 weeks

Stop hiring white supremacists as cops and people will be less justified in attacking them. Untill the cops are purged of these bad apples, the whole bunch is spoiled.

Diddy 4 weeks

Same old crap from leftists and ACAB / BLM folks - becoming more emboldened to attack police because they feel the politicians are behind them and so is the mob. When Trump wins again it's going to be law and order the likes of which none of these anti American anti police thugs could never have imagined.

William 4 weeks

I suspect the person had a warrant, or more likely they knew each other, because the officer "came out" to speak with the man. All the new police stations are built to withstand attacks, e.g. electric locking door's, bullet proof glass etc etc.

Max Bants
Max Bants 4 weeks

Demolition Man is real.

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