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Delta flight attendant tackles would-be hijacker

Delta flight attendant tackles would-be hijacker

A passenger on a Delta flight from LA to Nashville allegedly tried to breach the cockpit and hijack the plane Friday. According to reports, Delta Flight 386 crew members tackled and zip-tied the man before anyone was harmed. Cellphone video showed some of the encounter. The flight was diverted to Albuquerque, N.M., where airport police took the man into custody.

Randy 2 weeks

Great job! Thankful to the crew who saved us from a bad news day, and weeks of debating whether rectal probes were needed to ensure safety. Not kidding.

Milly 2 weeks

How do you hijack a plane with no weapons? TSA is so strict about that, to the point where you’d pretty much have your bare hands and makeshift weapons. Not the smartest idea

Tachyon 2 weeks

He doesn't sound like a hijacker. He sounds like an emotionally disturbed person having a panic attack over some fear regarding the flight. Listen. He just keeps repeating "We've gotta stop this plane!" Over and over. Still dangerous and disruptive but there's a big difference. Unlike a hijacker looking to cause harm, this guy thinks he's got to save everyone on the plane.

Tom 2 weeks

Dollars to doughnuts Islamic

Jon 2 weeks

Violence doesn't solve anything.

Rob 2 weeks

That's 'L.A. to Nashville,' not 'LA to Nashville.' I was scratching my head wondering why they flew all the way west to Albuquerque... LA is Louisiana...

Yankee 2 weeks

Lol . Highjacker ? Haven't heard that term since they 70's .

Johnson 2 weeks

Well, he is on the no-fly list now! Great effort, but no closing...Amateur hour.

Ben 2 weeks

Why are they almost always from LA or NYC?!

solodolo 2 weeks

He'll never see the light of day ever again.

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