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Kenosha officer thought Jacob Blake was trying to kidnap child: Lawyer

Kenosha officer thought Jacob Blake was trying to kidnap child: Lawyer

Police Officer Rusten Sheskey, who shot Jacob Blake 7 times last month, told investigators that he opened fire during the chaotic encounter because he was under the impression that Blake was fleeing the scene abducting his own child, and had started turning towards him while holding a knife. Sheskey’s lawyer said the officer acted after hearing a woman say, ’He’s got my kid. He’s got my keys.’

Talek 3 weeks

"Sheskey, who is white, then opened fire, hitting the Black man" Jesus Christ, abc. Seeing the word black capitalised reminds me of when Christians capitalise the word "him" when referring to god. And, of course, don't forget to slight the whites by not giving them a special capital letter. Very cringe.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 weeks

Yup, another sh!t tier human. Pick better heros left.

John W
John W 3 weeks

Justice for Jacob! Justice demands he gets a long sentence, for sexual assault, kidnapping, GTA, assault on officers, plus his long record of violence.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 3 weeks

Yup, has sexually assaulted the woman previously, shows up despite a restraining order, takes her keys and tries to take her car with 3 kids in it all the while brandishing a knife. Assaults offices who taser him twice?! And then goes to take the car with the kids. Yeah he’s a victim of police violence and worth the visit from Kamala for sure. If just one of these cases was a genuine case of police violence I would march with them, but it’s all a lie and one that has cost people their lives.

Rob 3 weeks

What garbage commentary. I've got several family members who are officers and their response was the same: this guy shouldn't have a badge or a gun and unfortunately the city is going to pay the price and the police are going to suffer their reputation. There was nothing requiring him to shoot this guy in the back point blank. The moment he drew his weapon his training should have him create distance. If the perp actually drove off the officer begins pursuit and requests backup. Coordinated overwhelming force makes sure something like emptying half a clip into a guy's back in front of his kids doesn't happen. And yet their are people who want to celebrate that shocking display of ineptitude? Really?...

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

What a shocker...

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