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NYC principals union calls on mayor to cede control of schools to state

NYC principals union calls on mayor to cede control of schools to state

New York City’s school principals union, representing more than 6,400 of the city’s school leaders, passed a unanimous vote of no confidence against Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza Sunday, demanding that they abdicate control of the system to the state — due to their ’failure to lead the city through the safe and successful reopening of schools.’

IndependentMind 3 weeks

When radical leftists levy a "No Confidence" vote to other radical leftists, you know the accused are really F'd up !

Doug 3 weeks

Look at the rats trying to weasel their way out of the upcoming furloughs.

Seekster 3 weeks

Wow...thats a sign that you have failed completely at being an effective leader.

Jon 3 weeks

Better late than never.

Real Deal O'Neil
Real Deal O'Neil 3 weeks

No one has misled the United States through the coronavirus pandemic more than Donald Trump and Republicans. (continue) Trump understood the nature of the coronavirus threat since before February 7, 2020, he understood how deadly it was, he understood how transmissible it was, and he understood that it affected younger people not just older people. Trump lied about coronavirus in a way that cost tens of thousands of lives. The United States didn't have coronavirus testing for months after Trump knew about coronavirus. Trump didn't order protective gear for health care workers in the United States. Trump has been deliberately wrecking the federal response to this pandemic for an act of politics and trying to play down the coronavirus as he admitted on tape on February 7, 2020, to Bob Woodward. Trump's Attorney General, William Barr, equated wearing masks and engaging in social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic to slavery. Pence's former top aide says Trump called the coronavirus 'a good thing' because he "doesn't like shaking hands with 'disgusting' supporters." Coronavirus happened on Trump's watch during his presidency -- it was Trump's responsibility and Trump is derelict in his duty to the American people.

Joyce 3 weeks


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